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The Christian Home Educators of Ohio conference. I will have a corner booth at this conference in the vendors’ area. Hope to see you there!

Date: June 20, 2014—June 21, 2014
Appearance: Signing Scheduled at CHEO
Outlet: CHEO
Location: Akron, Ohio
Format: Other

Swords of the Six, Offspring, Key of Living Fire, and Neverqueen


Neverqueen (Canterbury, Connecticut: Flaming Pen Press, 2013)


Arthensil City, the refuge of humanity along the Eiderveis River. Under the guidance of Lord Ostincair humanity thrives. Only select hunting parties dare venture into the deep forests along the river, for a corruption spreads from the wizard’s mountains in the south to beast and creature alike. But Ostincair’s men are about to make a discovery that will change the face of the river. A child long thought dead will be found, and her innocence will spread hope to two races.

This book begins a new series connected to The Sword Of The Dragon novels.

Key of Living Fire (Chattanooga, Tennessee: AMG/Living Ink Books, 2012)

Key of Living Fire (The Sword of the Dragon-book 3)

The prophets of God once sealed away the power of living fire in a place known as the Hidden Realm. Yet Letrias in his cunning devised a plan to send one of his minions to retrieve the Key to the Hold of living fire and a chase ensued.
Instructing Ilfedo to safeguard the Key of Living Fire, the prophets send him on a harrowing journey deep beneath the Resgerian desert. Either he secures the Key and retains the power of living fire within his sword, or risks it falling into the hands of an ancient evil now awakening.
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Offspring (Chattanooga, Tennessee: AMG/Living Ink Books, 2011)

Offspring (The Sword of the Dragon-book 2)

The Sea Serpents have again invaded the Hemmed Land. Bereaved of his beloved wife, Ilfedo begins the task of shaping his people into a nation capable of defending itself and thus to defend his newly born daughter.
With the blood of the dragon in her veins, Oganna grows into a beautiful young woman. But the forces at work in the greater world may threaten even her life. For beyond the northern desert an evil has spawned and the giants of Netroth have paid the price of its growth.
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Swords of the Six (Chattanooga, Tennessee: AMG/Living Ink Books, 2011)

Swords of the Six (The Sword of the Dragon-book 1)

Betrayed in ancient times by his choicest warriors, the dragon prophet sets a plan into motion to bring the traitors to justice and rid the world of their evil. Hatching human daughters from eggs he grants them the life in his blood and sends them to deliver an offer to the first traitor. Either he repents, or he must pay for his deed with his life.
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