Movie Critic: A Plastic Legolas?

Fantasy characters grow. They evolve or change in any well-conceived story world. But in Peter Jackson’s movies I felt a disconnect with Legolas’s introduction to The Hobbit movies. Did you notice the change? In The Lord of the Rings movies we met an exciting Legolas, one unafraid to battle but also willing to revel in […]

Counter Culture: Material Gain Does NOT Equal Happiness

We are constantly bombarded by the material things in our world, and those things promise us easier life and deeper satisfaction. WE ARE BEING CONDITIONED TO COVET WHAT WE DO NOT HAVE. But we must remember that material gain does not grant us happiness. The mad rush of societies from ancient days until the present […]

I finished Neverqueen and it was beyond awesome! Great plot, great characters, and great action. There was nothing more I could’ve asked for. It was my last read for the summer and it was so worth it. I appreciate the Christian themes in the story, too. It really made me think.

-Joseph Ely (a fan of ‘The Sword of the Dragon’ novels)

Neverqueen (Flaming Pen Press)