Authors: The Image Then and Now

Books used to be detailed works of art, hand-crafted and extremely hard to come by . . .. And the authors back then were few and far between. Today books are mass-produced, and their design is frequently held back by budgetary considerations . . .. And authors are everywhere! But have we lost something of the writing art along the way? […]

I loved this book. It was one of the best books I have ever read! I really liked the character “Ilfedo” I liked him so much I named my bunny that! It was an amazing book! There are no bad words and nothing inappropiate in it.

-Heather Kelly (amazon review of ‘Swords of the Six’)

Swords of the Six (Chattanooga TN: Living Ink Books)

New book announcement!

Nope, it’s not a new fantasy novel (although I am working hard to finish one of those, too). Originally I was not going to publish this but only get copies for my own kids. I’ve been working on this story for my kids for two years. But my wife has convinced me that I should share it […]

The Power of a Tragic Ending

A tragic story will often pull us in like no other story can. Strangely, tragedy in fiction leaves a far more powerful impression than a happy or thrilling moment. Whether a book or  a movie, we gravitate toward these stories because they remind us of how precious the moments in our lives are. Such a story is well illustrated […]

What should excite you about Enclave Publishing

As Christian readers of fantasy and science fiction we were taken by shock when Marcher Lord Press owner Jeff Gerke sold to Steve Laube. Personally, I was one of the many skeptics… When it was announced the company would change its name I thought “This straw may break the dragon’s back.” I was wrong. Steve […]