Now Available! “Neverqueen” Revamped!

Revamping the Neverqueen book turned out even better than I had hoped. The presentation of the spine text combined with the new cover art make it feel larger. I hope all you fantasy readers are as excited about this as I am! This book is one of my best pieces to date. The story turned […]

Dragons as Heroes in fantasy?

Dragons are predominantly the villains in fantasy fiction. But this does not have to be the case, especially if we write from a Christian worldview! It is interesting to take this subject from the angle of seeing it from my worldview. As a Christian author I have often encountered readers whose faces get all twisted up when […]

Backstage Pass! New cover revealed for “Neverqueen”

After the negative feedback I received on the original cover for Neverqueen, it was time to start from scratch. Give Neverqueen a look as classy and other-worldly as the covers for The Sword of the Dragon series. Ready for the full reveal? Thanks to all of you who voted on the 99Designs poll to help me […]

What defibrillators have in common with a Writing Career

A powerful jolt of electricity can get a dead engine running again. A defibrillator can make the human heart beat again. Everything needs a “jumpstarter” every now and then. My writing career took a few blows these last few years and sometimes it feels like I’m down for the count. But I’m not. Remember that episode of […]

New “Neverqueen” cover! Cast your vote!

It’s happening! In the next few days we will have a new cover for Neverqueen. The wonderful designers over at 99designs have thrown some great options our way.

Cast your vote on the 99designs Poll for your favorite cover-in-progress!