How your content impacts the globe

It surprised me the other day, when conversing with an Egyptian friend of mine, to find out that back when Wonder Woman and The Hulk shows were playing on TV they were running internationally. Just like American kids, she was fascinated by those superheroes. I guess I had still thought of Egypt as an out-of-the-way […]

Why I want to put Wholesome back in Fantasy Stories

When I was growing up I devoured tales of true heroism that demonstrated the growth of western society from Judeo-Christian values. King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, Pilgrim’s Progress, even mysteries like The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. What has happened since then? On my book touring travels I cannot tell you […]

Changing the story formula with Godzilla

Godzilla stories had an interesting angle: nature was too big for humanity to ever conquer. I remember when I was a kid riding my bicycle five miles to my grandparents’ house. My grandmother would usually offer hot chocolate and/or instant mac and cheese. My grandfather would offer snacks (often cookies) and a movie. He introduced me […]

Backstage Pass! In Search of Dragons: coming Fall 2015

Yep, here is another cover reveal! This time for the cover of In Search of Dragons, the fourth installment in The Sword of the Dragon series. After the events in Key of Living Fire, Ilfedo is prepared to lead an expedition back into the heart of the Resgerian desert. He must hold to his promise to return […]