Subscribers: My early Christmas gift to you!

Nothing keeps you connected to the content on my site like subscribing to my Email list… And this week I released a new product, an Ebook on writing, as a Thank You to all my subscribers. But that is only one reason you should be on this list. Here are 3 benefits to subscribing to my email list. Weekly […]

Thanksgiving inspired fiction: What if?

It’s amazing how historical events shape present-day culture. One example being Thanksgiving. Are writers taking full advantage of historical inspiration for fiction narratives? The above picture is from the animated movie Free Birds. I felt it was appropriate because it was a humorous take on Thanksgiving. The turkeys hijack a time machine and travel back […]


3 Interesting Ways for a Villain to Die!

In most contemporary fantasy fiction there is a primary villain, and by some means the hero must kill that villain. The beauty of fiction, however, is the ability to take inspiration from historical events to produce an unexpected plot. Like when I was writing my first novel Swords of the Six… I wanted something different for […]

Kesla's suicide illustration by Amber "Vantid" Hill

4 Reasons Why I think Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys helped shape family fiction

Were you one of those readers that got hooked on the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mystery series? It is important to understand what made those mysteries so accessible to us and here is why: The Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy mystery stories drove home traditional family values with characters who were morally upstanding. (Quite the contrast […]