How to Avoid Self-doubt

Sometimes the biggest challenge to writing is yourself. You can get in the way of your own accomplishments by doubting yourself and your ability to achieve. It is important that, if you want to accomplish your vision/dream, you understand how to overcome self-doubt. There is no formula for avoiding self-doubt, but you can determine the […]

Should any character be both villain and hero?

Interesting things are happening in speculative fiction. New ideas are coming out and they must be analyzed to determine the validity of their argument. Today’s question: Can a fictional character be both hero and villain? In the past I have not taken this concept seriously, but a couple of recent examples in film have made […]

Angels: You Cannot Trust All of Them

Angels have gained a level of reverence in western society. A reverence that remains even when many people do not reverence God, and this reverence for angels extends into Fantasy fiction. Yet the truth is, when it comes to angels, you can NOT trust all of them. Worldview is pivotal in fiction. Let’s first acknowledge that […]

A Hard Decision

Last month I found a Bus RV conversion online. It met all the criteria in what I was looking to get to put my family on-the-road again. I committed to going down to Oklahoma and checking out the bus and then buying it. My plane ticket was purchased but… Sometimes God closes doors for reasons that […]

Santa Claus: his proper place in Christmas?

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” Yep, that is the sound of old, jolly Saint Nick. Only presently he is commonly known as Santa Claus. He is a giver of bounteous gifts and delicacies. He lives in a castle, according to some tales. But is this his proper place in Christmas? I found this painting titled “The Spirit […]