Cover reveal: The Phantom’s Blade (The Sword of the Dragon Book 4)

In preparation for the release this Fall of The Phantom’s Blade (The Sword of the Dragon book 4) I commissioned the same artist who did the new edition for the Neverqueen cover. Here is the final cover: Novel plot tease: From across the sea the Maiden Voyage has failed to return to the Hemmed Land, leaving Ilfedo to wonder at […]

The Phantom's Blade

The Challenge of Writing Part-time

There have been a few seasons in my writing life when I could devote one hundred percent of my working time to writing. The challenge for me now has been that I have various commitments that vastly limit my creative and writing time. Here is a glimpse into the challenge I face. This is not […]


How to create original fantasy creatures

Among the interesting questions I have received from fantasy readers is the one regarding my process for creating and naming original fantasy creatures. Here is my little how-to on the process: Take fascinating creatures from the real world and dissect them. Ask yourself: What do I find fascinating about these creatures? What abilities do they […]


Is debt your puppetmaster?

Before I was a published author, before I was married, before my book tours, I took a fantastic trip to New Mexico to a writer’s conference. There I formed my first valuable connections in the publishing industry, which eventually led to my books getting published. If there is one thing I would change regarding my early 20’s […]


Announcing “The Phantom’s Blade”

Around ten years ago I wrote my first fantasy manuscript and titled it The Lord of Emperia and that story began to expand. I explored the origins of the various characters and developed a history for the storyworld that, simply put, became too complicated for a single volume. The Sword of the Dragon series was […]

The Sword of the Dragon series so far