The bad and good of Portraying Violence in Fiction

When writing my fantasy novels it is frequent to encounter (you guessed it) violence. Targeting my books to the middle grade and young adult readers this is of great concern to me. I don’t want to wash over the violence but I don’t want to glorify it in the eyes of the reader either. Consider […]

Portraying violence in ficiton

What to do when a minor character shifts the spotlight

Some writers outline their novels and somehow they strictly stick to those outlines. However, when I outline I stick to it only roughly. The story ends up taking the lead… instead of the other way around. That is what happened recently when I was working to wrap up the final arc in The Phantom’s Blade. […]

When a minor character shifts the spotlight

How to not let subplots run amok in fantasy fiction

When writing a fantasy story much focus is given to world building and character development. This focus can greatly enrich the story world… though there is also a pitfall in it for those of us who write the story. Characters come to life, landscapes take form, cultures are developed, costumes and customs are established. As you […]


Character Arc: Lessons Learned or Change Achieved? (Guest Post by Gillian Bronte Adams)

“To me, characters lie at the heart of any story. Characters drive what happens when and where, and the way they grow and change over the course of a story is what makes a book either memorable or easily forgotten in the already-read pile. But it seems to me that in Christian fiction, we too […]

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