A New Era of Classic Science-Fiction Films

From asking around I gather that many people have not yet watched Christopher Nolan’s addition to the science-fiction genre. In spite of its seamless special effects, powerful acting, and engaging characters, Interstellar reminded me of 2001: A Space Odyssey in more ways than one. Interstellar takes its time with the plot. It does not drag […]


Writing is (an author’s meditation)

Writing is an expression of greatest concern, a reaching for the deepest meaning, a searching of our souls. Writing is. Writing is The expression of our passions, dreams, hopes. The realization of loss and the longing to return the past. An examination of our hearts and souls. A way to connect with our Creator. Is […]

Writing is

Cinderella: a true heroine

My wife made the suggestion that she take our 3-year-old daughter to see Disney’s remake of Cinderella. Inevitably it ended up being a family trip. The local theatre in town has a Tuesday all-day special price that we’ve taken advantage of before. Coming into this film having already loved Maleficent, I was curious if Disney […]