Choices and Your Destiny

You are the sum of your choices, not the victim of your circumstances. Some folks attribute the person they become to the way they were raised, the opportunities they had, who their role models were. But history is replete with people who came out of nothing, even out of bad circumstances, and  rose to greatness. The […]

choices and destiny

Creative Conflict (an author’s meditation)

Stories running deep as an ocean, Ideas warring within the mind. Where one thought arises another follows, As a story solidifying, it raises new questions. Conflict at the heart of a good story, The force beginning to strengthen it. One thought seen as an opportunity, A moment in which to explore possibilities. Story creation is full of conflict, Some ideas […]

creative conflict

Why print books are here to stay

Several years ago the success of digital books, mostly related to the wide reception of the Kindle reading device, spawned a big debate amongst readers, editors, authors, and publishers. The question: would digital books kill the sales of print books? At the time most experts agreed the print book had seen its day and the vast majority […]

why print books are here to stay

How to avoid cookie-cutter characters

Cookie-cutter characters kill fiction. Weak villains and weak heroes, characters that we can easily forget. How do we avoid this to strengthen the books we write? Remember that childhood tale of the Gingerbread Man? Oh yes, he was cut out of cookie dough and ran away from the little old woman, shouting, “Run, run as fast as […]

Cookie cutter characters