My intention with “The Phantom’s Blade”

I do not write stories simply to tell them. I do not look for the stories to merely entertain. I want them to have staying power and so they reflect the moments of my life. My next story explores the grim reality of loneliness and the hope of companionship. It shapes a future that is ever […]

intention of the phantoms blade

How writing strengthens relationships

It is an interesting thing to sit back and reflect on how we relate to other people. Some people communicate best verbally… but some of us can only make people understand exactly what we mean by writing it out. Have you ever found yourself talking too much? Suddenly you realize that the conversation died a […]

writing and relationships

Noah: the movie… Is this Noah or not?

Noah, the movie. Have you watched it? I saw it for the first time because it popped up on Netflix. Disappointing would be an understatement of my feelings regarding this film. Warning: I’m going to discuss major spoilers because it’s necessary to the evaluation. It seems that Hollywood took this opportunity to completely reimagine the historical […]

Noah the movie Noah or not

How Star Wars impacted my thinking on stories

I was probably around nine years old. I remember sitting in my grandfather’s living room, my eyes glued to his television. He had an extensive collection of VHS tapes and he was fond of science fiction. That day he played Star Wars: A New Hope… and with a few swings of his lightsaber Alec Guiness convinced […]

Star Wars and the writer