How characters with conviction drive story

It would be impossible for me to recollect how many times I have heard people say to me, “All religions are really the same. So I don’t believe in any of them.” I think they thought it was impressive to say it, perhaps politically correct and socially accepted in our culture. Besides betraying a lack […]

characters and conviction in story

The Necessity of Vision

The existence we know is not the world we reach for We see things above and beyond ourselves We grasp at a vision of things to learn And worlds yet to be explored. The world around us is bound in the present Yet we reach into our God-given creativity Nothing unattainable or insurmountable And our vision extends […]

necessity of vision

How my Grandmother’s book keeps giving

Growing up I read lots of books. I loved a good story. The tales of King Arthur and his knights, of fairy tales, of Christian allegories… they fueled the fire for storytelling. I grew up in rural Connecticut where small towns and their tiny libraries were the norm, and it’s amazing the treasures that could […]

how grandmas book keeps giving