A new writer’s biggest mistake

First-time writers are fun. They are full of energy because they are crazy enthusiastic about the stories they are creating. I have found this particularly true of those who write fantasy. It is interesting what holds many of these writers back, and it is a problem they can overcome. Some people think that the biggest problem […]

new writers big mistake

Breaking George Bailey this Christmas

Every Thanksgiving I look forward to watching It’s A Wonderful Life. When I was growing up my parents knew how to throw a great Thanksgiving. They cooked a fantastic meal and invited a bunch of family over. My Dad would, at some point later in the day, flip through our limited selection of channels. Besides […]

breaking george bailey

The Phantom’s Blade now available!

My new fantasy novel is available in paperback and on Kindle! From across the sea the Maiden Voyage has failed to return to the Hemmed Land, leaving Ilfedo to wonder at the fate of his beloved Warrioresses… This story focuses on Ilfedo as none of the previous novels have. We see him for the grief-ridden man […]

tpb now available

How past success motivates current endeavors

It’s amazing looking back over the past six years. So much has changed. I am a goal-oriented person and I am pleased to see that most of my goals have been reached. With the release of The Phantom’s Blade this past week I now have five published fantasy novels. It is important to reflect on […]

motivating for success

The interrupted writer

A writer is an artist and as such when we are writing our creative process is subject to the same rules as any other artist. We can be interrupted, discouraged, and our creativity can be drained. Writing takes patience and time. If you’re a writer who has been interrupted, or if you are someone with […]

interrupted writer