How to Avoid Self-doubt

Sometimes the biggest challenge to writing is yourself. You can get in the way of your own accomplishments by doubting yourself and your ability to achieve. It is important that, if you want to accomplish your vision/dream, you understand how to overcome self-doubt.

There is no formula for avoiding self-doubt, but you can determine the causes and minimize them so as to maximize your potential.

Self-doubt is often caused by understanding or realizing your own limitations. Humility is also a factor. Often it is we who are artists that are our own worst critics. We want our work to be perfect. Writers, musicians, painters, etc. most of us struggle with this.

It has been accurately deduced that if artists are to produce enough work to generate any substantial income, we need to learn to accept when our work is ‘good enough.’ But what is not often realized is that there is a way of minimizing self-doubt and that will help clear your mind and focus your vision to realize the next steps you must take.

As an artist you must surround yourself with people who build you up. They may give you constructive criticism, but when it comes down to supporting your dreams, they are your cheerleaders. An artist questions his or herself often enough. The last thing we need is for those who are closest to us to give voice to what things they think we should fear to do.

So if you are an artist, recognize that you need to listen to people who encourage your dreams… and you need to minimize your interaction with those who do not. You are a dreamer, but you are looking for ways to achieve what you dream. You think outside-of-the-box, therefore do not fear to take a leap of faith where others never dared to go.

Question: Have you let others’ fears discourage you from achieving your dream?


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One thought on “How to Avoid Self-doubt

  1. I would just like to encourage those of us that aren’t artists to take this post to heart as a reminder to encourage and support the artists and dreamers in our lives. Do we want to be known as the ones who held back our artists or the ones who gave them the encouragement and strength to fulfill their dreams? Just my thoughts while reading this!