Angels: You Cannot Trust All of Them

Angels have gained a level of reverence in western society. A reverence that remains even when many people do not reverence God, and this reverence for angels extends into Fantasy fiction. Yet the truth is, when it comes to angels, you can NOT trust all of them.

Worldview is pivotal in fiction. Let’s first acknowledge that a majority of the world’s population agrees that angels do exist. The three major faiths worldwide are Christianity, Muslim, and Judaism. All three concur on the existence of angels and their involvement in the affairs of mankind. And they agree that these angels are ministering spirits who act as agents for the All Mighty. But have we forgotten that a third of the angels fell with Satan?

There are strong implications from this that should impact the way writers approach fantasy and are including angels. The word of an angel should not be taken as the word of God himself if it contradicts God. Also, the Devil is the great Deceiver and his Fallen are as full of guile as he. An interesting Biblical reference for considering this is 2 Corinthians 11:14

In my novel Key of Living Fire I used my worldview to shape the story of a deceiving angel. Disguised as an angel of light this being deceived the heroine, leading her nearly to her death. When dealing with angels I want to show the reader that not all that appears good really is good. Instead we must use discernment to find the truth.

Question: How do you view angels? How do you see them used in fiction?


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