Backstage Pass! New cover revealed for “Neverqueen”

After the negative feedback I received on the original cover for Neverqueen, it was time to start from scratch. Give Neverqueen a look as classy and other-worldly as the covers for The Sword of the Dragon series. Ready for the full reveal?

Thanks to all of you who voted on the 99Designs poll to help me choose the final design. Your feedback was critical in helping me make the final decision. The next step is to get this version into print. For the time-being the other edition will be set as out-of-print until the new files can be uploaded to the distribution channels. In the meantime, I am planning the artwork for Neverqueen 2. It is my hope that this sequel will be ready for release in time for Christmas.

Question: Which of my upcoming releases are you most excited about? The Sword of the Dragon-book 4-In Search of Dragons, or Neverqueen 2: The Suffering Chalice?




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9 thoughts on “Backstage Pass! New cover revealed for “Neverqueen”

    • :) And I cannot wait to share it with you! There is some fantastic story content that has taken me a couple years to put together, but the wait will be worth it.

    • Hi Nathan,
      The artist is someone I found through the 99Designs contest. I think his name is Benjamin Roque. He really surprised me with this illustration, but I did not like the design he built around the image so I bought only the image and designed the cover myself. I will be hiring this guy to do other covers.
      BTW, your book comes out next year, right?

  1. Scott,

    I have to say it’s almost a dead tie with the two books coming out! But I think the lead goes just slightly to the fourth book of the Sword of the Dragon series.

    I’ve been completely drawn into that story, world and adventure! I’m having to read other books just to keep my mind off the Sword of the Dragon series for now until the next book comes out.

    Can’t WAIT!!!!

    • Awesome! I am pleased to hear that you are looking forward to both. I am hoping that the fact that Neverqueen is also a The Sword of the Dragon book will keep you excited about that storyworld. There really is so much to explore with that storyworld!

  2. Oh my! … I gasped when I saw this cover!!! How beautiful. I felt bad for giving feedback that contributed to your changing your mind about your original cover, as I didn’t really think it was bad … but THIS ONE is so much better. I would pick up this book in a library or book store and want to read it, no matter what the back cover would say :) Absolutely love it. Tell me … do you design your own, or do you hire someone to do it?

    • It really did turn out beautiful… and I am glad you agree! My level of art talent is confined to sketches and children’s illustrations at the moment. The book “The Little Table” is my own artwork.