How writing strengthens relationships

It is an interesting thing to sit back and reflect on how we relate to other people. Some people communicate best verbally… but some of us can only make people understand exactly what we mean by writing it out. Have you ever found yourself talking too much? Suddenly you realize that the conversation died a […]

writing and relationships

Choices and Your Destiny

You are the sum of your choices, not the victim of your circumstances. Some folks attribute the person they become to the way they were raised, the opportunities they had, who their role models were. But history is replete with people who came out of nothing, even out of bad circumstances, and  rose to greatness. The […]

choices and destiny

Divinity and accountability in Fiction

When writing I have often pondered the futility of leaving God out of the story. His presence, whether embodied or as a distant spirit-being, omnipresent and omniscient, is necessary even in fiction. Without an ultimate accountability characters lose their punch. All stories need a level of good versus evil. Characters make choices between right and wrong. […]

Divinity and accountability in fiction

Sleep, Reflection, and the Writer

My mind is like an engine running overdrive. Ideas are pouring in all the time and I’m running with them. The visions I have for the future are pending realities I’m striving to bring to pass. This last few months has been crazy busy. Work, writing, website maintenance, travel, and now moving. Like it does […]

sleep reflection and writing

How I learned Patience building Ships-in-Bottles

From Dad’s basement workshop a scrap of pine wood, paints, and plumber’s putty. From Mom’s sewing supplies white or black thread, a needle, and twist ties from the kitchen drawer. Late into the night I used to work on building sailing ships in bottles. The work was delicate, requiring precision and diligence. And many times, […]

Lost art of patience

Writing is (an author’s meditation)

Writing is an expression of greatest concern, a reaching for the deepest meaning, a searching of our souls. Writing is. Writing is The expression of our passions, dreams, hopes. The realization of loss and the longing to return the past. An examination of our hearts and souls. A way to connect with our Creator. Is […]

Writing is

The Challenge of Writing Part-time

There have been a few seasons in my writing life when I could devote one hundred percent of my working time to writing. The challenge for me now has been that I have various commitments that vastly limit my creative and writing time. Here is a glimpse into the challenge I face. This is not […]