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    • “Neverqueen” is the start of a new series but is in the same story world as “The Sword of the Dragon” books. The sequel to “Key of Living Fire” is “The Phantom’s Blade” which comes out this Fall 2015! You should read “Neverqueen” after “Key of Living Fire” to best understand its place in the story.
      I’m glad you love my books and I hope this information helps! :)

  1. Hello. I just started following your blog, and I was wondering which one of your books would be the best to start off reading first? Your blog looks interesting, by the way.

    • Sorry for not responding sooner. WordPress hasn’t notified me of new comments… apparently for a long while😁 I am so pleased you’ve found this blog. Hopefully it will be a real blessing to you!

      The first book you should read is “Swords of the Six” because that is the core of the series. But you could also start with “Neverqueen” as that is the start of a different series but still in the world of The Sword of the Dragon series.

  2. Soooo love your books Mr. Appleton!!! XD Any idea when Sword of the Dragon #5 will come out? And, have you given any thought to the production films and/or audio dramas of your books??? You better believe I’d support movies of your books!!!!

    • Not sure if I responded to this. If not:
      IN SEARCH OF DRAGONS (The Sword of the Dragon book 5) is in-the-works. But completing NEVERQUEEN2 is first.

      In response to your other question: Oh yeah! *fist pump* I have many productions I plan to enact but first things first I need to finish writing the books. Audio books are the first up as far as media is concerned.

  3. Hi

    I was wondering if you could tell me if there are any stores in South Africa that sell your books? I have been dying to read the rest of the Sword of The Dragon series because I bought the first two and they where truly stunning and amazing.

    Kind regards

    • Hi Natasha,

      There were a couple of stores in South Africa that carried my books for quite a while, however I don’t know if that is still the case and I don’t know what stores they were.

      If you email me I’m sure we could set up an international shipment for you. I have inventory for most of my titles and I can grab more. I just have to get the international shipping rate. If this sounds like something you’re interested in just email me at:

  4. Dear Mr. Appleton,
    My name is Morgan. I love your books, but I am having a hard finding your books. I was able to find the first four easily on Barnes and Nobles and Amazon. I am having a really hard time finding the 5th book. What I am wondering is where can i find the book or it not out yet? I really would appreciate it if you would response. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Morgan,
      I am so pleased that you love my books!
      I am not sure which title you are looking for, but you are not the first person to get confused as to which titles are available currently, so to make it simple I have added a new page to this website. It lists all of the currently published works:
      Just click on the My Books tab
      There are more books coming… I just have to finish writing all of them :)

      • Thank you so much for responding. Sorry it is late. In the last book it seemed to end in a cliff hanger. I did some research I went to images to see the if there were different covers for your books and i found a book that was called “In Search of the Dragon”. f i can also remember correctly you mentioned the same title in the “Phantom’s Blade”. The way “The Phantom’s Blade” ended it seemed there was going to be a 5th book. If you look up your books and go to images there is a book called “In Search of the Dragon”. The cover looks like it was Ilfedo with the sword of the dragon.

        • Oh yes!Iget this question alot. The confusion arose because that is the next book coming out. For now you should read the Neverqueen saga. It is also part of the same fantasy world.
          In Search of Dragons is the book I am writing now. It is a direct sequel to The Phantom’s blade. ISOD will be book five in The Sword of the Dragon series 👍 And yes that cover does show Ilfedo weilding the living fire!

          • Ok, thanks so much. I really am excited that it is coming out. Last question if you don’t mind is, i saw something on cite. Are you going to write a book based on Specter?
            Thanks so much for responding, and sorry for my bad typing. : )

          • Yes, I am. It was supposed to be a short story to be published here, on my website, but it has far too much story to tell. Specter will have his own series of novels.