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Flaming Pen Press logoThe best of the Old and the New.
Emboldening, inspiring, encouraging a new generation to leave the failings of modern culture.
Redirecting minds to healthy, godly thinking.
Our books appeal to homeschoolers, Christian students, and concerned parents.

Flaming Pen Press is engaged in finding and publishing great books that appeal to readers with traditional Christian values. In a world where truth is being watered down, and healthy debate is replaced by compromise, we seek books that reinforce the fear and love of God. We believe that books are like food: we become what we read. We believe that reading is part of our spiritual journey, guiding us toward healthier relationships with one another and with God.

The honorable men of old were far more disciplined and God-fearing than we are today, and we seek a return to their values. Both history and fiction have been hijacked by secularism and humanism. Every form of writing is more effective when it unapologetically shows us the consequences of good and of evil.

We are a generation that has been hijacked by pleasure, and also at times disillusioned by legalism that masks as godliness. The Bible is full of good and of evil, but it never portrays evil as good. Many of us have fallen prey to pornography, using the Lord’s name in vain, and an endless pursuit of wealth. As the founder of Flaming Pen Press, I include myself in this group, for my own failings have been many. The world has confused our minds and wholesome literature points us down the right path again.

Flaming Pen Press seeks those who are willing to acknowledge past failings… and desire to be empowered to choose better.

Here are some of the exciting products now available to you! (Please note: currently we ship Only to residents of the Continental USA).

BOOKS (for purchase direct from the author)

The Sword of the Dragon series

Swords of the Six (The Sword of the Dragon series) Book 1
310-pages Paperback edition
Betrayed in ancient times by his choicest warriors, the dragon prophet sets a plan into motion to bring the traitors to justice and rid the world of their evil. Hatching human daughters from eggs he grants them the life in his blood and sends them to deliver an offer to the first traitor. Either he repents, or he must pay for his deed with his life.
Add to Cart $12.00



Offspring (The Sword of the Dragon series) book 2
420-pages Paperback edition
The Sea Serpents have again invaded the Hemmed Land. Bereaved of his beloved wife, Ilfedo begins the task of shaping his people into a nation capable of defending itself and thus to defend his newly born daughter.
With the blood of the dragon in her veins, Oganna grows into a beautiful young woman. But the forces at work in the greater world may threaten even her life. For beyond the northern desert an evil has spawned and the giants of Netroth have paid the price of its growth.
Add to Cart $12.00


Key of Living Fire (The Sword of the Dragon series) book 3
420-pages Paperback edition
The prophets of God once sealed away the power of living fire in a place known as the Hidden Realm. Yet Letrias in his cunning devised a plan to send one of his minions to retrieve the Key to the Hold of living fire and a chase ensued.
Instructing Ilfedo to safeguard the Key of Living Fire, the prophets send him on a harrowing journey deep beneath the Resgerian desert. Either he secures the Key and retains the power of living fire within his sword, or risks it falling into the hands of an ancient evil now awakening.
Add to Cart $12.00


Neverqueen series

Neverqueen (book 1)
216-pages Paperback edition
Arthensil City, the refuge of humanity along the Eiderveis River. Under the guidance of Lord Ostincair humanity thrives. Only select hunting parties dare venture into the deep forests along the river, for a corruption spreads from the wizard’s mountains in the south to beast and creature alike. But Ostincair’s men are about to make a discovery that will change the face of the river. A child long thought dead will be found, and her innocence will spread hope to two races. This book begins a new series connected to The Sword Of The Dragon novels.
Add to Cart$10.00






Dragons Will Not Eat This
Custom T-shirt










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31 thoughts on “Flaming Pen Press

    • Hi Ashley, I am still working on the fourth book but I am hoping it will be released a year from now. The release date will depend partly on the publisher’s preference. If you haven’t checked it out I would recommend you read “Neverqueen” while waiting for the other book. “Neverqueen” is a new expansion series for The Sword of the Dragon series.

    • Ashley, Here’s an update for you on the next book in The Sword of the Dragon series. “In Search of Dragons” will release Fall 2015… and next Monday my new blog post will reveal the cover for that book. I hope you will check it out and leave your feedback on what you think of it!

  1. I love these books! I have never been able to find good, Christian, fantasy books. I’m so happy to finally find good fantasy books! Can’t wait for more!!!

    • Hi Hannah,
      And I’m glad you are excited! I will keep writing as long as there are readers like you picking up my books :)

  2. The Sword of the Dragon series is truly an AMAZING series. Scott the way you weave the characters together is a wonderful aspect of your Literature.

    Like all these people I am anticipating the next book for the SOTD series AND Neverqueen.

    I have the original design for the Neverqueen book and will have to get the new design (just for my sake…I’m a bit OCD when it comes to books being the same theme for covers).

    I’ve enjoyed this journey you’ve given me and your other fans with Ilfedo, his daughter Oganna, his sister-in-laws, Specter, Albino and Prophet. All these characters bring us on an amazing journey in the world that you’ve created and shared with us.

    I, for one, want to say a hearty thank you for sharing this amazing world and story with us. As someone who writes as well, I know these characters are personal to you, and you sharing them with us is your gift to us to enjoy.

    Scott again I look forward to continuing this journey with your characters and look forward to more of your literature.

    • Not yet… But there will be :) I’ve been wanting to get audio editions for all of my novels and SOTS will be the first.

    • Thanks Michael! The Phantom’s Blade is coming out this Fall… very soon :) I will be announcing the release date in the next few weeks.

    • Thanks for asking! It’s probably best to order from Amazon for now. It could be a while before I have it in stock here.

  3. I love your series! Its hard to find a action-packed Christian series these days. My favorite book so far is Key of Living Fire. The reason I love it so much is because of all the subtle hints at future books. Is In Search of Dragons book 5?

    • Yes, “In Search of Dragons” will be book 5. I cannot wait to share that story with you… it’s an awesome addition!

      In the meantime, Neverqueen2 is going to be a great addition this Summer.

  4. I clicked on the “Add to Cart” button (for the shirt) and it didn’t open up another tab to the store check-out page. Could you fix that please? Thanks!

    • Joseph, I am sorry for the slow response on this. I checked the button and you are right it was not adding to cart, but it appears to be fixed now. Please let me know if you have any other issues.

  5. Hey I am very curious, you had said that In Search of Dragons was going to be next. Will that be book five now that “The Phantom’s Blade” is now the fourth book in the Sword of the Dragon series? I saw it also had the number four so I am just curious…..

  6. Also I didn’t find a comment box for this, but I for one would LOVE a backstory/branching-out story of Spector….. I think that would be fantastic with continuing what you already have…..

  7. Ok, LOOOOOOOVED the 4th book…..I read it in like 3 days, it was FANTASTIC, but I got angry at the end……. Why oh why did you not tell about the warrioresses!!!! I loved it but the cliff hanger is too much to bear…..I need the fifth book……. Please oh please write about their adventure!!!!!

  8. I love the Sword of the Dragons series! What book comes after The Phantom’s Sword?
    Thank You Mr. Scott for writing such Good books! I love to read and finding books without all the Lovely, Gross, stuff in it is beyond great! After reading your books I have become stronger in my relationship with my Lord and Savior.
    I look forward to reading the next books and watching each of the charters grow.
    If you ever need help in idea helping and song or poem writing I would be glad to help, as I am known for my skill in song writing and wild ideas. Also I would like to know more about you, and perhaps becoming Pen Pals.
    Your Sister in Christ
    Eleanor ( not the president’s wife ) ha ha