Backstage Pass! In Search of Dragons: coming Fall 2015

Yep, here is another cover reveal! This time for the cover of In Search of Dragons, the fourth installment in The Sword of the Dragon series.

After the events in Key of Living Fire, Ilfedo is prepared to lead an expedition back into the heart of the Resgerian desert. He must hold to his promise to return for the people of the underground city of Dresdyn, and to lead his people on a pilgrimage out of the Hemmed Land to find their new home. But his ambitions in that regard put him at odds once again with the mayor of Gwensin City, Vortain. Tensions mount as Vortain gathers the opposition, and Ilfedo must struggle with his own uncertainty to follow the prophecy long ago given to him.

Question: Which characters are you most looking forward to seeing again in In Search of Dragons?


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Great fantasy stories are a lot of fun. I write the stories that I want to read and am fortunate enough to have several published novels under my belt as well as more in the pipeline.

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7 thoughts on “Backstage Pass! In Search of Dragons: coming Fall 2015

    • Albino will only have a small appearance, but you won’t miss him because of all the other stuff happening in this story. :)

  1. I’m excited about this whole book! And curious about everything! But I have to say I’m am most curious about the man in Oganna’s dream from Key of Living Fire, if he makes it into the this book!!!!

  2. HELP! My boys desperately want to read In search of Dragons (book 5?? Isn’t The Phantom’s Blade 4?) And I can’t figure out where to order it.

    • Hi Melinda!
      Well, first off, I’m excited that your boys are so eager for the next book! Originally “In Search of Dragons” was set as book 4 in “The Sword of the Dragon series” but now it is going to be book 5.
      This is the order of the novels:

      Swords of the Six (available)
      Offspring (available)
      Key of Living Fire (available)
      The Phantom’s Blade (available)
      In Search of Dragons (probable release early 2019)

      Neverqueen (available)
      Neverqueen2 (releasing November 3rd 2017)

      If your boys haven’t read the Neverqueen books yet, they should while they are waiting on “In Search of Dragons.” The “Neverqueen” novels are part of “The Sword of the Dragon series” also.