I loved this book. It was one of the best books I have ever read! I really liked the character “Ilfedo” I liked him so much I named my bunny that! It was an amazing book! There are no bad words and nothing inappropiate in it.

-Heather Kelly (amazon review of ‘Swords of the Six’)

Swords of the Six (Chattanooga TN: Living Ink Books)

I finished Neverqueen and it was beyond awesome! Great plot, great characters, and great action. There was nothing more I could’ve asked for. It was my last read for the summer and it was so worth it. I appreciate the Christian themes in the story, too. It really made me think.

-Joseph Ely (a fan of ‘The Sword of the Dragon’ novels)

Neverqueen (Flaming Pen Press)

“This is a great fantasy with a faith theme running throughout. It will appeal to Christian readers, but is truly for anyone who loves a good adventure! The writing is great, the characters are deep and you feel as if you’re in the story so quickly that you won’t want to put it down.”

– Jill Hart (an Amazon review of The Sword of the Dragon: Offspring)

Offspring (The Sword of the Dragon) (AMG/Living Ink Books)