The Necessity of Vision

The existence we know is not the world we reach for
We see things above and beyond ourselves
We grasp at a vision of things to learn
And worlds yet to be explored.

necessity of vision

The world around us is bound in the present
Yet we reach into our God-given creativity
Nothing unattainable or insurmountable
And our vision extends to the future.

Vision to see beyond the present curcumstances
Imagination to improve and grow
We will let nothing deter us from achieving our dreams
And the dreamers become the doers.

Vision must be tempered by humility
Without it we choose unwisely
Only with it can we attain our dreams
Our learning is empowered by this path.

The existence we know is only a first step
We see into the future and dream
We begin building the vision in the present
And over time we explore those new worlds.

Holding our Creator’s hand
We are people of vision
Undaunted by setbacks and discouragement
And the future is ours to fearlessly face.

Following in our Creator’s steps
We are people of conscience
Looking beyond this world of sin
And our vision is to stand in good conscience.

Q: Who is guiding your vision?


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Great fantasy stories are a lot of fun. I write the stories that I want to read and am fortunate enough to have several published novels under my belt as well as more in the pipeline.

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