The Sea Lord Francis Drake cover reveal!

Coming from Flaming Pen Press February 2018, the epic true story of The Sea Lord Francis Drake.

cover reveal the sea lord francis drake

Fall in love with world history! The snazzy new cover says it all. Prepare for a Young Adult novelization of the life of Sir Francis Drake that does not fictionalize the facts. Originally published back in 1932, this is the first of a slew of old books that I’ve found over the years, which have been lost to contemporary readers. Now, Flaming Pen Press will be releasing these titles into your hands!

Some publishers will take old books like this and scan them, page by page, and release those scanned interiors to their readers. But the text loses its clarity and the general layout ends up feeling forced onto the new pages it is printed on.

Every page of this book has been painstakingly typed out so that a fresh, digital file could be created. The original sketches on the book’s interior have been worked into the book’s fresh interior layout, and artist Benjamin Roque created the stunning new cover.

When I was reading history books as I grew up, I sometimes mixed up the chronological order of historical figures and events. Thus the spine of this book also features the dates Sir Francis Drake’s life spanned. Imagine lining your shelf with great young adult biographies that have the time period stamped on the spine. You can keep them organized chronologically to keep the ordering of events clear in your mind. With each new read, you can place the new title in its proper sequence by chronological date. This has huge advantages for students, parents, and teachers.

The Sea Lord Francis Drake full cover layout


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