Why not buying a new iPad set me up for a better 2017

It was one of those moments. A struggle. For a few months I’ve debated whether or not to upgrade my iPad 2 (which I’ve had for over five years) to the new and impressive iPad Pro. A little more than a week before Christmas a retailer offered a great price on exactly the iPad I want. I thought it over hard and caved, running into the store after work to make my purchase… The very next day I returned it and my reasons for doing so will help you understand my vision for 2017.


Returning the iPad Pro was hard. I really was excited about my purchase. It is an excellent machine and I’d really like to get handy at creating original digital artwork with the Apple Pencil. But it all came down to one thing for me: Priorities!

While it is true that my iPad 2 runs slow and can’t effectively update anymore, it is still serving the limited purposes to which I use it. Checking email, researching on the web, streaming videos, and keeping tabs on my book sales. I have found it to be a lot easier to use my iPad for many applications that I used to use my laptop for. It is my intention to get an iPad Pro at some point in the near future with the intention of using it to replace both my old iPad and my laptop computer. My current devices are fully capable of taking care of the work I now do with my writing, publishing, and other creative endeavors.

In 2016 I accomplished a few of my goals but not as many as I wanted to. So for 2017 I have come up with a resolution statement that I hope will help you, as well, to keep proper focus as you set your goals.

I have all of the resources that I need in order to achieve the quality of life that I desire for myself and my family. This year will be a focus on creative endeavors and appreciating life without the need for new “things.” Things cannot bring happiness or success and coveting only leads to discontent and a non-productive life.

Why are we always looking for the next best thing? All that we need is right here at our fingertips. God, family, ambition to succeed. The greatest visionaries do not consider the limits of their assets, but they rather grow despite those limitations.

A child who is given everything will grow up with an appreciation for nothing. In the same way a man who has everything will have appreciation for nothing.

If we can approach this new year with contentment and a strong work ethic, imagine how our souls will feel renewed!

Q: Do you recognize the correlation in developing good character in one’s self through adversity?


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The most obvious thing about me is how much I love reading and writing. Great stories are truly my passion and have been for as long as I can remember. Growing up in a conservative Christian home I learned to value God, intelligence, and life. I am always striving to learn. I am a husband and a father to five children. I love my family and my life. God is good and I attribute my success to His provision.

Great fantasy stories are a lot of fun. I write the stories that I want to read and am fortunate enough to have several published novels under my belt as well as more in the pipeline.

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9 thoughts on “Why not buying a new iPad set me up for a better 2017

  1. I agree. Things can often clutter our life, making us focus on the material rather than the spiritual. Of course, that doesn’t mean that things in general are evil, far from it. But things are just tools, and when we get distracted by the tools, we forget the work we were going to accomplish with them. Good point.
    P. S.- Is Ironwing the 5th book of the sword of the dragon series?

    • Ironwing is an entirely different fantasy series concept I developed about three years ago. It will be its own storyworld.

      The Sword of the Dragon (book 5) is titled “In Search of Dragons.” It directly follows the events as told in “The Phantom’s Blade.”
      After I complete “Neverqueen2” I will be working on “In Search of Dragons” next!

    • True. Learning to say “no” is often more important than saying “yes.” It empowers our life by minimizing distractions and narrowing our focus on fewer endeavors with greater effectiveness. Michael Hyatt has talked a lot about that. https://michaelhyatt.com/

  2. “Things cannot bring happiness or success and coveting only leads to discontent and a non-productive life.” Wow, that is SO true, as I have discovered this in my own life!!! Thanks for speaking out on this subject, Mr. Appleton!! God bless!! Looking forward to more books!!! 😀 😀 😀

  3. Great post! I heartily agree. Possessions can possess our time, energy and emotions if we don’t keep our attitude about them and the volume of them in check. Everything becomes easier when we declutter our homes and practice contentment with what we have. I find that the more things I have that are not being used, duplicate what something else can do or are being held onto just because I can’t let go of it because I may need it sometime in the future, the more cluttered my mind feels, the more apt I am to put off doing things that need to be done.

    • Yes, exactly! It “clutters” the mind. This month I began digging through everything I have in drawers and boxes that I thought needed organizing. Many of the items are useful but not necessary, thus adding to the clutter around me. Much of that will be disposed of as I trim away the unnecessary. Thank you for the comment, Mom :)