Will God open these RV Bus doors?

Today I found an RV bus conversion on Ebay that looks like it will fit my family’s needs perfectly. As it turns out the owner is a Christian and a Pastor down in Oklahoma.

RV Bus

My wife and I would covet your prayers. Please pray that God will open these doors. We’ve been waiting for something like this for the past two years.

The price is perfect. If it is not this one I am sure God will make that clear, but for now I need to come up with the funds necessary for a purchase this size. I’m hoping to avoid financing charges because here in Connecticut the insurance cost would skyrocket on something like that.

At the moment this is a bit up-in-the-air but I always get this sense of spiritual freedom whenever I’m moving in the right direction and this bus does feel like the right decision. My family will travel full-time with me as we tour the country and share my books with youth from coast to coast.

If you are curious to see the inside of the bus, take a look at the pictures at this Link!


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9 thoughts on “Will God open these RV Bus doors?

  1. I will be praying for guidance for you in this decision. The Lord will provide His best in His time for your best for His glory!!

    • Thanks John,
      We’ve been working toward something like this for the past few years. I miss being out there on the road, able to move to another location to take advantage of speaking and signing opportunities.

  2. Go.Fund.Me.
    You are on the right track. I am starting an Indie pub. and I am raising money to buy a small pull along (portable studio/office) for ministry purposes.
    I will definitely pray Scott. I am so glad I saw this post. I am going to get some friends praying too.

    • Thanks Jeannette,
      I have considered trying the crowdsourcing sites, however GoFundMe takes 8% commission and KickStarter takes 5%. I’m cautious in doing something like that lest I inadvertently send funds to a company that supports programs I morally disagree with.
      But maybe I just don’t have the right information. Have you had success with it?