How I learned Patience building Ships-in-Bottles

From Dad’s basement workshop a scrap of pine wood, paints, and plumber’s putty. From Mom’s sewing supplies white or black thread, a needle, and twist ties from the kitchen drawer. Late into the night I used to work on building sailing ships in bottles. The work was delicate, requiring precision and diligence. And many times, […]

Lost art of patience

How we create Tomorrowland today

While watching the new Disney film Tomorrowland I found myself relating to its overriding theme: Negative thinking steers our world toward a negative outcome. Positive thinking steers us toward positive results. I found myself asking, “What kind of a future world do I want to create?” Doom and gloom. The news is full of it, and […]

Creating Tomorrowland Today

Cover reveal: Daniel and the Sun Sword

Introducing debut novels is a great pleasure when I know that the novelists share my passion for great fiction and for the Lord. Nathan Lumbatis hired me a couple years back to do an editorial review of his manuscript and he’s been working hard on it ever since! The story stood out to me for its uniqueness […]

Daniel and the Sun Sword cover reveal

The Ghost of A. Chantz and Clever fiction titles

If you have read Key of Living Fire you will not be surprised that I enjoy spooky stories. One such story comes from none other than The Dick Van Dyke Show. I love watching old television shows with my wife and kids. I’m a bit of a return-to-the-old-ways kind of guy. The Andy Griffith Show, Leave it […]

the ghost of A Chantz and clever fiction titles

Finishing The Phantom’s Blade (in the midst of my busy life)

For the past two years my readers have been asking, “When is the next book in The Sword of the Dragon series coming out?” This fourth installment is titled The Phantom’s Blade. This writing project has been my most difficult yet. Why? Because I am juggling family, a full-time day job, and writing projects. This […]

ThePhantom'sBlade cover