Transcribing old books improves writing

We learn best by following in the steps of those who have succeeded before us. We see our greatest improvements when we seek to learn from those who we admire and respect. A recent project (that of transcribing old biographies) has made me realize that this is an awesome tool in the writer’s learning process. Over […]

You have different gifts

It is a blessing to recognize artistic beauty in all its forms, like the variety of expression. We each can find inspiration in our unique spiritual and life journey. A spirit of gentle submission to the glory of our created condition. Written words contribute songs, stories, and films. With Flaming Pen Press there are so […]

A New Era of Classic Science-Fiction Films

From asking around I gather that many people have not yet watched Christopher Nolan’s addition to the science-fiction genre. In spite of its seamless special effects, powerful acting, and engaging characters, Interstellar reminded me of 2001: A Space Odyssey in more ways than one. Interstellar takes its time with the plot. It does not drag […]


A Hard Decision

Last month I found a Bus RV conversion online. It met all the criteria in what I was looking to get to put my family on-the-road again. I committed to going down to Oklahoma and checking out the bus and then buying it. My plane ticket was purchased but… Sometimes God closes doors for reasons that […]

Site Introductory Posts Scheduled!

Thank you for coming by! On Monday, May 26th the introductory posts for will be released, and a new post will release every Monday thereafter. Keep your eye out for great fantasy and science-fiction reads and always consider what you read. Consider what is good, honorable, and right; be cautious of how fiction shapes […]