Destructive effects of feminism on fiction

In the worldview of those who agree that God created a natural order of things, we understand that Adam was created first and then Eve. In the world today this is constantly challenged on many levels. From the patriarch Abraham and continuing through the New Testament it was made clear that God’s intention was that a healthy understanding of the place of the man and the place of the woman was key to the success spiritually and relationally. Looking at the move toward stories that are dominated by domineering fictional women, we see a trend and a movement away from the natural order.

This may offend some, and you should feel free to disagree. It is fun to hash out our differences of opinion. But I am a big proponent of understanding things as they were originally intended, not as we culturally want them to be. And our culture is pushing things farther and farther away from how God designed it to work.

Feminism, by definition, is: the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

I have often heard it argued by other Christians that men and women really are equal. But in order to believe that you have to discredit the tradition as taught by the apostles, that the man is the head of the wife and she is to be obedient to him. You must ignore Levitical law that placed men in preeminence in society and in their households. You must ignore the natural physical dominance of men. And you must discredit the fact that families where the man leads, the wife follows, and the children are in subjection, where the man is trying to lead in the Lord’s will, is the most effective kind of household there is. They are more effective at work, at play, and spiritually more satisfied because they feel secure in the order of authority God placed on the household.

When women seek equality with men (as is being proliferated throughout much of the world today) they remove themselves from their strength zone. Women are naturally more nurturing than men. The most nurturing of men is not nearly so nurturing as the most nurturing of the women. According to scripture they are the weaker vessel. Unfortunately present society instructs us that this is a horrible way to think.

They are spreading lies, and the result is confusion. Spiritual and moral confusion, as well as relational confusion.

How sad that that which is most precious and beautiful is being cast into the mud!

What is beautiful is a woman who is meek, who is a help suitable to her husband. Who is a daughter working diligently and learning under her father’s authority. Who is not independent but is dependent on her male authorities and on God.

It is well said that a man’s sinful tendencies revolve around giving up the authority God wishes him to exercise in his home. It is equally well pointed out that a woman’s sinful inclination is to manipulate that control from the man. To each gender God has given great and unique purpose. And each must beware their weakness.

Fiction writers today, especially those of us who profess Christ, must beware that our writing does not encourage feminism. Through the tale of  a strong heroine do not neglect to demonstrate virtue to the reader. When the heroine is in a position to surmount the man’s authority, let her do so only if his actions are in opposition to God’s. Demonstrate her humility as she puts herself under authority and excels in virtue so that young women will aspire to be more like that heroine. Show a woman that is kind and nurturing, wise and discreet. Make her unlike the modern woman. Show that she thrives on hard work, and show that she loves children.

I truly believe that the corruption of womanhood that we are witnessing in society will be laid bare, exposed for the farce that it is. Rather than freeing women, feminism alienates them from good responsible men and from their God-given strengths.

History shows that societies rise and fall, they change and move on. What never changes is the will of God. He created gender for a reason.

Q: What thoughts do you have on how feminism or the view of the relationships of men and women relate to writing?


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4 thoughts on “Destructive effects of feminism on fiction

  1. Thank you for writing this, Mr. Appleton! This cannot be said enough. :)
    Our culture keeps pushing the boundaries that God has set up for us and our good, which makes it so hard to find wholesome fiction with leading feminine roles.
    I have a story in mind that involves a headstrong female main character who wants to run ahead and do what she thinks is right in her own strength, but she’ll end up learning that when she does that outside of God’s parameters, things only get worse.
    When she learns to be subject to God’s authority and His leading her life, that’s when she becomes the most effective. Even when it goes against the grain for her, it turns out to be the best path she could have taken. :)
    Again, thank you for sharing these timely words. As our world is getting darker … we have the opportunity to shine more light. 😀

    • Oh I am so glad that you were blessed by this! It was a difficult piece to write, in part because I knew there’d be cultural blowback.

  2. Scott once again you bring about a very well written piece on a topic that is sensitive to many.

    I would challenge your statement of, “the man is the head of the wife and she is to be obedient to him…” true God made man.

    But this is how I once heard it explained, “Woman was not made from Adam’s foot so he walks all over her, nor was she made from his head that she is to rule over him. Woman was made from Adam’s rib or side so she is to come alongside of
    him as a helpmate that is covered by his arm around her.”

    Yes the man is the head of the household as the high priest, not as the ruler. In other words his role is to be the interceder for his family. A husband and a wife are a team. “The two shall become one flesh,” and “He created them in the image of God, male and female He created them,” are statements in His Word that define a man and woman. Yes I know Paul talks about this topic as well and you have to consider the history of the location in which he was writing to and the disruption that was happening within the church.

    Basically what I’m getting at in most all respects men and women should be considered equals with unique attributes to each. In a godly household when it becomes “unequal” if you will is say there becomes a stalemate on a decision between a husband and wife. You can say that it’s like a 51/49 ratio stakehold. If there is a stalemate between the two the husband has that 1% difference to lead as he believes he is in God’s will.

    I hope that all makes sense and is clear.

    Blessings to you brother and may your family be blessed as well!!

    • Hi Jonathan,

      I am so glad that you enjoyed the article. Your comment was very thoughtfully laid out.

      It must be pointed out, however, that you said, “nor was she made from his head that she is to rule over him.” This statement, while culturally accepted today, is in direct opposition to the Scripture:

      “…and your desire will be to your husband, and he will rule over you.” -Genesis 3:16

      The very origins of the word “wife” are fascinating. Quite literally it refers to one who is humbled under the man.

      Is this sometimes abused? Yes, but the exceptions never dictate God’s will in matters.