Cover reveal: Daniel and the Sun Sword

Introducing debut novels is a great pleasure when I know that the novelists share my passion for great fiction and for the Lord. Nathan Lumbatis hired me a couple years back to do an editorial review of his manuscript and he’s been working hard on it ever since! The story stood out to me for its uniqueness […]

Daniel and the Sun Sword cover reveal

Finishing The Phantom’s Blade (in the midst of my busy life)

For the past two years my readers have been asking, “When is the next book in The Sword of the Dragon series coming out?” This fourth installment is titled The Phantom’s Blade. This writing project has been my most difficult yet. Why? Because I am juggling family, a full-time day job, and writing projects. This […]

ThePhantom'sBlade cover

Cover reveal: The Phantom’s Blade (The Sword of the Dragon Book 4)

In preparation for the release this Fall of The Phantom’s Blade (The Sword of the Dragon book 4) I commissioned the same artist who did the new edition for the Neverqueen cover. Here is the final cover: Novel plot tease: From across the sea the Maiden Voyage has failed to return to the Hemmed Land, leaving Ilfedo to wonder at […]

ThePhantom'sBlade cover

Announcing “The Phantom’s Blade”

Around ten years ago I wrote my first fantasy manuscript and titled it The Lord of Emperia and that story began to expand. I explored the origins of the various characters and developed a history for the storyworld that, simply put, became too complicated for a single volume. The Sword of the Dragon series was […]

The Sword of the Dragon series so far

Now Available! “Neverqueen” Revamped!

Revamping the Neverqueen book turned out even better than I had hoped. The presentation of the spine text combined with the new cover art make it feel larger. I hope all you fantasy readers are as excited about this as I am! This book is one of my best pieces to date. The story turned […]

New “Neverqueen” cover! Cast your vote!

It’s happening! In the next few days we will have a new cover for Neverqueen. The wonderful designers over at 99designs have thrown some great options our way.

Cast your vote on the 99designs Poll for your favorite cover-in-progress!

New book announcement!

Nope, it’s not a new fantasy novel (although I am working hard to finish one of those, too). Originally I was not going to publish this but only get copies for my own kids. I’ve been working on this story for my kids for two years. But my wife has convinced me that I should share it […]