How tragedy strengthens romance in fantasy

Tragedy grabs our attention more certainly than most any other writing device. Think of it! You fall in love with a character, follow their journey of romance, but then something insurmountable is revealed and the romance can never culminate. In fact, it must come to an end and the characters will never see each other […]

using tragedy to strengthen romance in fantasy

“The Undervalued Gift of Laughter” by Paul Regnier (GUEST POST)

Hi readers! This month Christian author Paul Regnier asked me to review Space Drifters: The Emerald Enigma, and he agreed to write this month’s article “The Undervalued Gift of Laughter.” Mash together (in novel form) the Guardians of the Galaxy, a little Indiana Jones, and Disney’s The Black Hole and you’ll have an idea how The […]

space drifters paul regnier

When books were shorter and excellent

A few years back I approached my publisher with a proposed new fantasy series that would tie in with the previous one I wrote for them. They turned it down. Not because it wasn’t the type of story that they liked but because the manuscript did not exceed their minimum word-count requirement. That book was Neverqueen and I […]

short excellent books

Why passion drives better stories (as Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

There is a vast difference between a storyteller who is passionate for the story they are telling, and a writer who is simply creating something of interest to them. The case seems to be aptly demonstrated with J.J. Abrams who is famous for rebooting film franchises. Not long ago he recreated Star Trek and recently […]


Short stories this Christmas!

Christmas is my favorite time of year. When I was growing up I populated my wish list with books. One thing I dreamed of was writing books that other people would want to put on their Christmas lists. It was five years ago now (which is hard for me to believe) when I had signed a […]

short stories this christmas fantasy

How Star Wars impacted my thinking on stories

I was probably around nine years old. I remember sitting in my grandfather’s living room, my eyes glued to his television. He had an extensive collection of VHS tapes and he was fond of science fiction. That day he played Star Wars: A New Hope… and with a few swings of his lightsaber Alec Guiness convinced […]

Star Wars and the writer

How we create Tomorrowland today

While watching the new Disney film Tomorrowland I found myself relating to its overriding theme: Negative thinking steers our world toward a negative outcome. Positive thinking steers us toward positive results. I found myself asking, “What kind of a future world do I want to create?” Doom and gloom. The news is full of it, and […]

Creating Tomorrowland Today

Why I want to put Wholesome back in Fantasy Stories

When I was growing up I devoured tales of true heroism that demonstrated the growth of western society from Judeo-Christian values. King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, Pilgrim’s Progress, even mysteries like The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. What has happened since then? On my book touring travels I cannot tell you […]

The Power of a Tragic Ending

A tragic story will often pull us in like no other story can. Strangely, tragedy in fiction leaves a far more powerful impression than a happy or thrilling moment. Whether a book or  a movie, we gravitate toward these stories because they remind us of how precious the moments in our lives are. Such a story is well illustrated […]

What should excite you about Enclave Publishing

As Christian readers of fantasy and science fiction we were taken by shock when Marcher Lord Press owner Jeff Gerke sold to Steve Laube. Personally, I was one of the many skeptics… When it was announced the company would change its name I thought “This straw may break the dragon’s back.” I was wrong. Steve […]