Reflecting on the future you

While cleaning and organizing a bunch of stuff recently, I glanced at a couple of manuscripts that I started writing almost ten years ago. What caught my attention was how well the prose flowed. One manuscript in particular brought me back, it is titled The Death Knight Chronicles and I wrote it as a dark […]

reflecting on the future you

How to use music while writing

Music. Like a literary masterpiece it has the ability to depress your spirits or make them soar. It can deepen sorrow, strengthen resolve, bolster you through tough times, and make sweet moments more memorable. When writing I have found it can be a great ally. My father loves classic rock and roll, also country music. […]

Materialism: the writer’s enemy

Recently I took my wife and kids to the mall. It is only about twenty-five minutes from our house but I had never been. In fact, it had been a long while since I had been in any mall. Firstly, I am not a big shopper and second, I find malls are filled with clothing […]

materialism writers enemy

The importance of message in story

While it is important that a fiction piece not “preach” a message to its readers, it is of even greater importance that the story does communicate a message. A lot of stories written today seem to focus on action and romance, or something similar. But the real power in storytelling is to reinforce cultural values, […]

importance of message in story

How you can fail as a writer

It’s a straightforward dilemma. If you dream of writing the kind of stories you love then one day you hope to share those stories with the world. You will focus on the things that matter, like good grammar and stronger sentence structure. You will face the demons of self-doubt, and you believe you will emerge […]

how to fail as writer

How characters with conviction drive story

It would be impossible for me to recollect how many times I have heard people say to me, “All religions are really the same. So I don’t believe in any of them.” I think they thought it was impressive to say it, perhaps politically correct and socially accepted in our culture. Besides betraying a lack […]

characters and conviction in story

The Necessity of Vision

The existence we know is not the world we reach for We see things above and beyond ourselves We grasp at a vision of things to learn And worlds yet to be explored. The world around us is bound in the present Yet we reach into our God-given creativity Nothing unattainable or insurmountable And our vision extends […]

necessity of vision

How my Grandmother’s book keeps giving

Growing up I read lots of books. I loved a good story. The tales of King Arthur and his knights, of fairy tales, of Christian allegories… they fueled the fire for storytelling. I grew up in rural Connecticut where small towns and their tiny libraries were the norm, and it’s amazing the treasures that could […]

how grandmas book keeps giving