Are New Year’s resolutions overwhelming you?

If you are anything like me you have looked at the New Year and put together a detailed list of your New Year’s Resolutions. I have done this for a long while now, and each year I find I have fallen a little short of my goals and, often, I have burned myself out in the process. This New Year I approached things more simply.


If you are an author, artist, business professional, or entrepreneur the likelihood that you overcommit your time and resources is high. I know with myself it’s become a sometimes self-destructive pattern. The drive to achieve goals, complete projects, and prepare for future projects comes with the territory when we are highly motivated to succeed. Yet when I commit to many objectives I am unable to give each my best effort, and inevitably I fall short of some due to lack of time. 2015 is a new year and it’s time to resist the urge to create a long list of New Year’s resolutions.

This year I have committed to only three things:

  1. Finish writing and then publish “In Search of Dragons”
  2. Eliminate all remaining debt
  3. Build financial savings

These things are very achievable and necessary to my happiness and that of my family. In years past I have had a long list of resolutions. Most years I achieved the majority of the goals I had set, yet I left myself no breathing room. My days away from my day job have so many other commitments that I often feel overwhelmed, which has led to stress and exhaustion. This year will be different and I believe it will boost my productivity and happiness.

If we take better care of ourselves, we can better care for those we love. If we over commit, we will work ourselves to a frazzle and lessen the quality and impact each of our achievements have.

This year take a look at your resolutions. Have you over-committed?

By shaving your list to the bare minimum you will:

  1. Increase the quality and impact of the work you do
  2. Reduce your stress, and
  3. Improve your relationships

These are the results I am looking to have. This is why I have such a short list this year.

Question: Would your year benefit from trimming your New Year’s resolutions to a minimum?


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